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LolliPig Waits (detail)

Introducing LolliPig!

Here’s LolliPig!

LolliPig is an easily excitable character and doesn’t like being bored. Much like a puppy, LolliPig just wants to play. Here he is waiting on some friends to come join him. Be careful though; Getting him too excited will make his bubblegum center expand. If there’s enough stimulus LolliPig can Pop! Boy, can he fill a room!

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StrawberryBunny Flies From An IceCube Cloud

New! StrawberryBunny

Meet StrawberryBunny!

I’m proud to introduce StrawberryBunny! She’s the adventurous type with a flair for being spontaneous. Her bubbly personality and extra bounce makes her a prime candidate for excitement. If daring explorations of unknown territory gets your motor roaring, she’s your gal. StrawberryBunny is an independent spirit, but loves spending time with her friends too. 

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The SnackHacks Have Arrived! PorcuPear Intro

After a long time in development, I’m proud to announce the arrival of the SnackHacks! The SnackHacks are a new branch of the wildly successful ToeHeads. This little guy goes by the name of PorcuPear. He’s a shy fellow with a great curiosity. Unfortunately, he’s not the easiest to get close to…. unless you’ve got a thick skin or a hard shell. Look for more of the gang to follow.

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