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Absolute: Separation (detail)

“Absolute: Separation”

New piece, “Absolute: Separation”

Here is my latest oil painting in the “Absolute” series.  It’s painted on a selection of wood that I’ve reclaimed from an 1800’s upright piano top. You may have seen the other half of the piano top featured as a shelf in my furniture category. After sanding and resurfacing, this piece still has plenty of character that shows through. Feel free to check out my other paintings in this series here.

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Female Bust w/ Removable Bun (detail)

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LolliPig Waits (detail)

Introducing LolliPig!

Here’s LolliPig!

LolliPig is an easily excitable character and doesn’t like being bored. Much like a puppy, LolliPig just wants to play. Here he is waiting on some friends to come join him. Be careful though; Getting him too excited will make his bubblegum center expand. If there’s enough stimulus LolliPig can Pop! Boy, can he fill a room!

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StrawberryBunny Flies From An IceCube Cloud

New! StrawberryBunny

Meet StrawberryBunny!

I’m proud to introduce StrawberryBunny! She’s the adventurous type with a flair for being spontaneous. Her bubbly personality and extra bounce makes her a prime candidate for excitement. If daring explorations of unknown territory gets your motor roaring, she’s your gal. StrawberryBunny is an independent spirit, but loves spending time with her friends too. 

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