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Eggaphant Gives

Newest SnackHack, Eggaphant: The cutest eggaphant alive.

Introducing Eggaphant!

Part egg/part elephant, this little gal is almost always sunny side up. Her sweet disposition makes her the perfect odd-couple best friend to the more boisterous SquidSteak. Eggaphant’s floppy egg-ears give to a slight wagging whenever she’s tremendously happy. She has a particular sweet spot for marshmallows… just don’t get between her and her stash. Take my word for it.

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LolliPig Waits (detail)

Introducing LolliPig!

Here’s LolliPig!

LolliPig is an easily excitable character and doesn’t like being bored. Much like a puppy, LolliPig just wants to play. Here he is waiting on some friends to come join him. Be careful though; Getting him too excited will make his bubblegum center expand. If there’s enough stimulus LolliPig can Pop! Boy, can he fill a room!

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