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ToeHeads + SnackHacks  At McGraw-Hill Education

Exclusive Exhibition At McGraw-Hill Education

by Daric Gill

LoliPigWaits (detail)
LoliPigWaits (detail)

If you’ve purchased an educational textbook in the past  100+ years, you’ve most likely heard of the publishing company where my latest exhibition is held. McGraw-Hill Education Companies specializes in developing adapted learning practices and educational resources for students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

This week marks the first exhibition of the SnackHacks and ToeHeads together in one showing of selected works. While the current show is held exclusively for the employees at the McGraw-Hill headquarters, I’ve been given special permission to document the show for my online galleries. 

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ToeHeads + SnackHacks Get An All New Storefront!

Stop In To The New Virtual Store!

by Daric Gill

The 1st ToeHead Ever! "Me and Tea"
The 1st ToeHead Ever! “Me and Tea”

Thanks to the continued support of my clients and their positive things to say about my work, the ToeHeads went from being just an idea in a sketchbook to a globally sold set of illustrations.

At the time of this post, the ToeHeads have more than 600 illustrations in their family and have since branched into a second division called the SnackHacks. There are over 300 illustrations that are drawn out and have yet to be made! Until this year, all of this has been done from the simple use of auxiliary spaces, galleries, and strangely enough… Facebook. Read on for more.


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Eggaphant Gives

Newest SnackHack, Eggaphant: The cutest eggaphant alive.

Introducing Eggaphant!

Part egg/part elephant, this little gal is almost always sunny side up. Her sweet disposition makes her the perfect odd-couple best friend to the more boisterous SquidSteak. Eggaphant’s floppy egg-ears give to a slight wagging whenever she’s tremendously happy. She has a particular sweet spot for marshmallows… just don’t get between her and her stash. Take my word for it.

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