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VIDEO, Living Orb Light Sculpture On Display At City Park

It’s been a wonderfully busy summer so far! Along with a myriad of other art opportunities, I’ve been diligently working on a new sculpture that has just been placed in one of Columbus’ City Parks. I’m quite proud to debut The Living Orb, a mixed medium sculpture that has a slowly pulsing white light that activates as the sun goes down.

My sculpture is a part of the Find Me in the Park- It’s TREEmendous project, an initiative organized by the Columbus Parks & Recreations that encourages community members to investigate our city parks in a new way. Located on the east side of the Goodale Park (across from the Pizzuti Collection), The Living Orb is my interpretation of a mini-treehouse. It’s solar powered and hangs roughly 15 ft up in the air. Continue to learn about the making of.

Full Process & Image Gallery After Article

[*UPDATE* MAKE: Magazine Features The Living Orb! Click here to see their article.]

Make Screenshot

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Winged Sculpture Hangs In Skylit Atrium At Hilton

New Structures Hang Winged Sculpture

by Daric Gill

Wings Of Innocence: mixed medium. (detail)
Wings Of Innocence: mixed medium

This past weekend I hung my aeronautical sculpture called “Wings Of Innocence” at the brand new Hilton Downtown Columbus. The opposing wall is a  spectacular 15,000 sq. ft. glass skylight, which I believe makes a perfectly airy atmosphere for the sculpture.

“Wings Of Innocence” is a retrospective response to the inherent imagination of children. Children combine reality and fiction in a way that provides a solution without fear of concept failure. Likewise, the double-wings combine realistic and imaginative flight elements in a suspended sculpture.

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[Full Image Gallery Below Article]

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Workbench Table

Antique WorkBench Rebuild: Reconfiguring The Beauty In The Beast

Reconfiguring The Beauty In The Beast

by Daric Gill

“It’s yours if you want it… But I’m dragging it to the dumpster on Friday if you don’t do something with it.”

DrFeelGoodTable000b_webYep. That sentence. Usually, it’s regarding something big, amazing, and… most likely a tad unwieldy. Maybe it’s referring to that upright piano that you would LOVE to have, but just don’t have the room for. Or maybe it’s that dresser that you’ve needed, but your Honda Civic isn’t up to the challenge. In my latest case I was donated an antique jewelers cabinet that was in serious need of some love. Of course, it had to be claimed in the next few days or face decimation. I had a choice and I think I made the right one. This project was an absolutely fun piece-by-piece teardown and rebuild.

This new configuration is sleeker and more versatile. It’s now available to be used as a bar, dining room table, and of course–even a workbench.  Read onward to learn more about this piece and its reclaiming process.

Workbench Table
Workbench Table: made from antique reclaimed jeweler’s cabinet. 76 1/2″ x 34 3/4″ x 30 3/4″. 2.18.15.

[A FULL Image & Process Gallery Below]

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CORE77.com Headlines Columbus Idea Foundry, My Work Included

CIF Rocks It On CORE77.com… ToeHeads Included

by Daric Gill

Core77 is one of the most comprehensive (and coolest) design blogs in the world. I used to suggest it to my students as a research tool for following design/architecture trends. Today they posted an amazing write-up about the Columbus Idea Foundry. Currently considered “the largest makerspace in the world”, the CIF’s communal workspace also happens to be where I make most of my large-scale work.

The writeup also features photos of the space, fellow members doing all sorts of crazy cool stuff, and a video that includes my ToeHeads (0:38s) . This video, made by the talented Rob Turner, was originally filmed as part of a CIF open house promo. *Featured image on my blog header is a still from Turner’s video.*

Check out CORE77’s article on CIF here

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