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Newest SnackHack: CottonCandy Cow!

Everyone, Meet Dr. CottonCandy Cow!

by Daric Gill

Every group needs a leader. CottonCandy Cow is this for the SnackHacks. Acting as the reluctantly appointed patriarch of the group, CottonCandy Cow tends to stand as the voice of reason for the rest of the SnackHacks. Though he’s not always the most personable soul in the bunch, he’s somehow always leaned on when the going gets tough.

Part Holstein dairy cow, part cotton candy maker, this guy would rather be left alone in his science lab rather than be bothered by other’s issues. And yet, Dr. Cow (Ph.D not M.D.) seems to always be trying to keep the SnackHack’s world from tipping into chaos.

Full name: Dr. Eugene Holstein CottonCandy Cow

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ToeHeads + SnackHacks Get An All New Storefront!

Stop In To The New Virtual Store!

by Daric Gill

The 1st ToeHead Ever! "Me and Tea"
The 1st ToeHead Ever! “Me and Tea”

Thanks to the continued support of my clients and their positive things to say about my work, the ToeHeads went from being just an idea in a sketchbook to a globally sold set of illustrations.

At the time of this post, the ToeHeads have more than 600 illustrations in their family and have since branched into a second division called the SnackHacks. There are over 300 illustrations that are drawn out and have yet to be made! Until this year, all of this has been done from the simple use of auxiliary spaces, galleries, and strangely enough… Facebook. Read on for more.


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An Open Letter To My Sketchbook

Sketchbook 6 (11.20.12. – 11.09.13.)

The following is an open letter to my latest completed sketchbook. A funny, but serious reminder that the process of sketch-booking is one of private and professional thinking. It is a personal dialogue much like journaling. It is a necessary and far too often under-appreciated form of artistic expression that continues to be a golden standard in abstract brainstorming.

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News Anchors Fall For “Tempting” ToeHead

 New ToeHead Gets Help From TV Personalities!

The newest ToeHead made its début on TV this week. It was my pleasure to join fellow artist, Jay C. Moffett & WTTE Fox 28’s enthusiastic Good Day Columbus hosts in part to promote my artwork & Ohio Art League’s annual fund-raising event. News personalities Maria Durant & Adam Slinger helped put the final touches on “Tempting” and tried their best to keep inside the lines.  Scroll down for media link and final ToeHead.

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