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An Early “Absolute” Hybrid Painting

Recapturing “Absolutus: a priori”

by Daric Gill

"Absolutus: a priori": mixed medium and pencil on paper. 12" x 20". 10.22.12.
“Absolutus: a priori”: mixed medium and pencil on paper. 12″ x 20″. 10.22.12.

Today I re-documented one of the most unique pieces in the Absolute collection. This artwork is quite a departure from the rest of the line. While most pieces in this series are oil paintings on wood, this piece is a painting/drawing hybrid on paper. The under-painting consists of a mixture of gouache (similar to an opaque watercolor) and acrylic paint. Above that is a few layers of graphite pencil to add depth.

The drawing displays paper specimens much in the way an entomologist would display real insects for cataloguing purposes.

Absolutus: a priori, translates from latin as Absolute: from former. This phrase is taken straight from a branch of philosophy that deals with the acquisition of knowledge.

Read further to see the whole process.

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An Open Letter To My Sketchbook

Sketchbook 6 (11.20.12. – 11.09.13.)

The following is an open letter to my latest completed sketchbook. A funny, but serious reminder that the process of sketch-booking is one of private and professional thinking. It is a personal dialogue much like journaling. It is a necessary and far too often under-appreciated form of artistic expression that continues to be a golden standard in abstract brainstorming.

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Female Bust w/ Removable Bun (detail)

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The SnackHacks Have Arrived! PorcuPear Intro

After a long time in development, I’m proud to announce the arrival of the SnackHacks! The SnackHacks are a new branch of the wildly successful ToeHeads. This little guy goes by the name of PorcuPear. He’s a shy fellow with a great curiosity. Unfortunately, he’s not the easiest to get close to…. unless you’ve got a thick skin or a hard shell. Look for more of the gang to follow.

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