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ToeHeads + SnackHacks  At McGraw-Hill Education

Exclusive Exhibition At McGraw-Hill Education

by Daric Gill

LoliPigWaits (detail)
LoliPigWaits (detail)

If you’ve purchased an educational textbook in the past  100+ years, you’ve most likely heard of the publishing company where my latest exhibition is held. McGraw-Hill Education Companies specializes in developing adapted learning practices and educational resources for students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

This week marks the first exhibition of the SnackHacks and ToeHeads together in one showing of selected works. While the current show is held exclusively for the employees at the McGraw-Hill headquarters, I’ve been given special permission to document the show for my online galleries. 

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The SnackHacks Have Arrived! PorcuPear Intro

After a long time in development, I’m proud to announce the arrival of the SnackHacks! The SnackHacks are a new branch of the wildly successful ToeHeads. This little guy goes by the name of PorcuPear. He’s a shy fellow with a great curiosity. Unfortunately, he’s not the easiest to get close to…. unless you’ve got a thick skin or a hard shell. Look for more of the gang to follow.

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