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NEW “Absolute: Privilege”, Painting On Cherry Wood

“Absolute: Privilege”

By Daric Gill

Today I’m introducing my latest fine art painting. It’s called “Absolute: Privilege” and features an antique scratch awl, two pieces of ripped paper, and a leaf from a blooming cherry blossom. The piece is painted on reclaimed cherry wood and is mounted into a frame from the 1800’s.  All of the hardware on the back is hand-made specifically for this piece. Totaling around 17″ tall by 15 1/4″ wide (framed), the piece is actually a rounded rectangle recessed into a the carved out rectangle in the back of the frame. This space was where the original photograph and glass were mounted.

Image gallery following the article

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"Absolute: Closure" (detail)

P.S. “Absolute: Closure”

Black Is The New Black

“Absolute: Closure” is my latest oil painting. It’s a moody brute with all the nostalgia and wanton reminiscence one could ask for. This piece was particularly a healthy challenge, as its dark tones made for a limited color palette. Black on black on dark brown meant that I had to find the subtle nuances between shades of darkness. I have to say, this was a welcomed exploration. Read on for more about this piece.

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"Absolute: Denial"

New! “Absolute: Denial” Is Absolutely Vibrant

Absolutely A Bolder Painting

Today I’m introducing my newest oil painting in the “Absolute” series, “Absolute: Denial”. Like its predecessors, this is framed and painted on entirely reclaimed wood. This new piece  pushes my normal use of chroma intensity a new height. I’m actually quite fond of the result. Scroll through for process slides, including the dresser from which the wood has come.

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My Work To Be In OAL Fall Juried Exhibition

“Absolute: Construct”  To Be At Ohio Art League’s Fall Juried Exhibition

I’m proud to announce that a piece from my “Absolute” oil painting series has been selected for in this year’s OAL Fall Juried Exhibition. Please mark your calendars and join me as the OAL showcases great Ohio artists  through one of their two annual  juried shows. More information below.

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