NEW “Absolute: Privilege”, Painting On Cherry Wood

“Absolute: Privilege”

By Daric Gill

Today I’m introducing my latest fine art painting. It’s called “Absolute: Privilege” and features an antique scratch awl, two pieces of ripped paper, and a leaf from a blooming cherry blossom. The piece is painted on reclaimed cherry wood and is mounted into a frame from the 1800’s.  All of the hardware on the back is hand-made specifically for this piece. Totaling around 17″ tall by 15 1/4″ wide (framed), the piece is actually a rounded rectangle recessed into a the carved out rectangle in the back of the frame. This space was where the original photograph and glass were mounted.

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"Absolute: Privilege"
“Absolute: Privilege”: Oil on reclaimed cherry in an 1800’s Victorian molded frame. 17″ x 15 1/4″. 4.23.14
Truckload of wood
Truckload of wood

The background wood was constructed from three slats of cherry wood that was part of a large donation from my longtime friend and fellow artist, Casey Bradley. The donation included cut-offs and scraps of wood ranging in species and age. I found three boards that matched in color and grain pattern and knew instantly that I needed to make a painting on them. I have yet to use all of the wood, but I’ve certainly put a good dent in the stash.

Wood Jointer At Columbus Idea Foundry
Wood Jointer At Columbus Idea Foundry

A few months ago I jointed (flattened the sides), drilled pocket holes for screwing together, glued-up, planed, and sanded the wood in hopes of making a painting for my solo show earlier this year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a painting of this size for a few more months.


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