LolliPig Waits (detail)

Introducing LolliPig!

Here’s LolliPig!

LolliPig is an easily excitable character and doesn’t like being bored. Much like a puppy, LolliPig just wants to play. Here he is waiting on some friends to come join him. Be careful though; Getting him too excited will make his bubblegum center expand. If there’s enough stimulus LolliPig can Pop! Boy, can he fill a room!

LolliPig Waits
“LolliPig Waits…”: watercolor, acrylic, pencil, & marker on paper

Oh LolliPig, aren’t you the sad one today? Well, he shouldn’t be. This piece is actually the very first SnackHack to make it to the full painting. That’s right, numero uno. Though I’ve introduced a few other SnackHacks ahead of LolliPig, it was this little guy that I chose to paint first. While originally slated as a color study (signed that way), this particular style grew on me so much that I decided to make the next few pieces in the same manner. After looking at it for a few solid weeks, I strongly feel that this is a final piece. There might be a larger edition painted in the future, but I think that there’s a certain honesty within this piece that escalates it on its own.

LolliPig Waits (detail)
“LolliPig Waits…” (detail)

“I sketch mostly in pen. Cheap BIC pens. Or pens I find on the floor of my local coffee shop.”

As you can see from the image below, I sketch mostly in pen. Over the years I’ve become accustomed to the fluidity of the ink. The cheaper the pen the better. Sure, it smears from time to time, but I make sketches quickly and need to feel the smoothness of the line. Naturally,  I break out my expensive drawing pencils if I’m really in the mood– but they just don’t have the same ease across the paper.

LolliPig Waits... (sketch)
“LolliPig Waits…” (sketch)

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