SquidSteak On A Palette (detail)

SquidSteak Exists!

Heeeere’s SquidSteak!

Now introducing SquidSteak. This handsome little guy is the down-home kind. A city-squid now, but a true country-squid at heart. Boisterous and overstated, SquidSteak can be  a handful sometimes. He and his best friend Eggaphant are a regular Odd Couple. Their opposites certainly attract!

We’re entering SquidSteak’s life just when he’s finding out something special about himself–that 3rd eye. Until recently this eye was simply just another looking tool. But now, it’s something more. Something mysterious. Intermittent superpowers maybe?–or just hyper sensitivity? I guess only time will tell. To be continued…

SquidSteak On A Palette
SquidSteak On A Palette: oil and marker on mahogany paint palette.

This piece is painted on an old mahogany painter’s palette. Covered in old oil paint, I found it only suitable that this illustration also be painted in oil.

*Fun fact* The oils in mahogany react to the oils in my skin and turn my hands purple. None-the-less, mahogany is still one of my favorite woods to build with.

“Is this a palette that you’ve used?”

No, I’ve not used this palette to paint from . Oddly enough, I  don’t actually  know too many oil painters who use palettes like these. Maybe it’s just the circle of artists that I travel in, but most of us use glass palettes. The advantage of a glass palette is that you can scrape off old unwanted paint and reuse the palette with greater ease than if it were made from wood. In addition, you can use all sorts of glass surfaces to mix paint on. For example, my palette is an old mirror that I’ve cut down with a glass-cutter. I’ve also used an old storm window mounted to a block of wood and incased in a frame for extra safety when traveling.

The disadvantage to a glass palette is pretty obvious. It’s heavy and breakable. A palette like the one you see above was probably owned by someone who stands while they paint. Most likely an en plein air painter. That’s French for ‘in plain air’ (someone who paints outdoors). Years ago, I owned one like this. But, like many materials along the way, it served its purpose well and was probably reused for something during my college years.

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