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Eggaphant Gives

Newest SnackHack, Eggaphant: The cutest eggaphant alive.

Introducing Eggaphant!

Part egg/part elephant, this little gal is almost always sunny side up. Her sweet disposition makes her the perfect odd-couple best friend to the more boisterous SquidSteak. Eggaphant’s floppy egg-ears give to a slight wagging whenever she’s tremendously happy. She has a particular sweet spot for marshmallows… just don’t get between her and her stash. Take my word for it.

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New ToeHead is a “Party Animal”!

Puppies Are Party Animals!

The latest ToeHead to hit the streets is the biggest party animal yet. We’re all fans of birthdays and this little guy is no different. Check out the birthday party that we all wish we were a part of. 

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‘Opportunity?’ ToeHead

Today’s ToeHead is “Opportunity?”

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being a guest juror and speaker at a conference for the Ohio Association for Gifted Children. One of the returning (and very gifted) children had seen my original drawing of the worm and suggested that there be a bunch of fish looking upwards at it. So… here it is. With a little design help from a very talented artist in-the-works:

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Female Bust w/ Removable Bun (detail)

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