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LockBox Table (Front)

New! “The LockBox Table”

Antique Lock Box Gets Legs!

by Daric Gill

There’s something really special about the look and feel of old wood and the stark contrast it has with aged metal. They seem as though they were always meant to be paired together. The organic and ever moving characters of wood are a nice contrast for the cold and visible heft that metal has.

These two materials remind us of our pasts. I bet that almost everyone reading this has experienced the whirlwind of memories or sensations when they hold an old piece of wood or metal. We are taken back to other times just by physically interacting with old relics. In my latest piece, “The Lock Box Table”, I’ve tried to tap into that same set of feelings. 

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Working Work Table (detail of shelf)

Newest Table Is Piped With Possibilities

The Working Work Table!

Some tables are built for working. You can hammer, make a mess, & pretend that the drink you knocked over isn’t a big deal…

… then again, some tables are actually an expensive custom-built coffee table that is slated to sell at a gallery as fine art furniture. As you can probably gather, it was for this reason precisely that I decided to make a much needed addition to my work space: “The Working Work Table”! Check out the gallery below to see the latest addition.

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