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New Images of Butterfly Singer Table

Sold Table Gets New Digs

"Butterfly Singer Sewing Table": Bloodwood inlayed into Birdseye Maple, polyester resin, 1901 Singer sewing machine treadle
“Butterfly Singer Sewing Table”: Bloodwood inlayed into Birdseye Maple, polyester resin, 1901 Singer sewing machine treadle

As I kick off the new year with updated images, I’ve been given special access to re-shoot a sold piece. This is a piece of furniture I made a few years ago and has gone into the home of a dear collector of my work. Among the first things you’ll notice is the bloodwood butterfly joints recessed into the birdseye maple top. Some call this joint a bowtie, double dovetail, or key joints. These two butterfly joints span a laminated seam and are additionally aided by internal biscuit joints along that seam.  All inlays were hand chiseled. The bloodwood keys are naturally that alizarin in color which is primarily where the name blood-wood comes. Coated with a thick layer of polyester resin, this whole top sits above a fully restored 1901 Singer sewing machine treadle with a rare maple wood spindle arm that helps drive the fly-wheel from the foot-pedal.

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High End Desk Made From 1800’s Antiques

From Victorian Era To Contemporary Furniture: The Making Of A New Antique Desk

by Daric Gill

“DoorDesk”, Reclaimed antique mahogany door, 1873 Singer Sewing machine base, double strength glass. 29 3/4″ tall x 36″ wide, 23″ deep. 1.7.15.

Among my favorite things in this world is finding new lives for really old materials. I’m fascinated by the challenge presented by the reclamation process and often find myself harvesting extremely old parts to use in yet undesigned projects. After restoring a Singer Sewing machine base on a previous piece of furniture (check it out here), I was fortunate enough to have a few more fall into my lap. My latest piece is made from restoring an 1873 Singer Sewing machine base and a chopped mahogany door that I believe is from a schoolhouse of that same era. Both pieces were in severe disrepair and needed considerable restoration before showing their past beauty.

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LockBox Table (Front)

New! “The LockBox Table”

Antique Lock Box Gets Legs!

by Daric Gill

There’s something really special about the look and feel of old wood and the stark contrast it has with aged metal. They seem as though they were always meant to be paired together. The organic and ever moving characters of wood are a nice contrast for the cold and visible heft that metal has.

These two materials remind us of our pasts. I bet that almost everyone reading this has experienced the whirlwind of memories or sensations when they hold an old piece of wood or metal. We are taken back to other times just by physically interacting with old relics. In my latest piece, “The Lock Box Table”, I’ve tried to tap into that same set of feelings. 

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Stick Em' Up!

Antique Barn Siding Becomes ToeHead

Check out my latest ToeHead, “Stick ‘Em Up!”

This new ToeHead was made from a piece of reclaimed barn siding that is easy over a hundred years old. After cutting the slat into 3 sections (so I can use it for multiple art pieces), I transferred “Stick ‘Em Up!” using an old school data projector.

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