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Stick Em' Up!

Antique Barn Siding Becomes ToeHead

Check out my latest ToeHead, “Stick ‘Em Up!”

This new ToeHead was made from a piece of reclaimed barn siding that is easy over a hundred years old. After cutting the slat into 3 sections (so I can use it for multiple art pieces), I transferred “Stick ‘Em Up!” using an old school data projector.

Feel free to check out all the ToeHeads at their facebook page:


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Centuries Old Barn Beam Becomes A Pedestal

From A Barn In England To The Gallery Floor: The makings of a barn beam pedestal.
A little over a year ago a good client and friend (well, a family of clients) gave me a wooden beam said to have come from a barn in England. I believe it to be old growth white oak and at the very least over a hundred years old. It’s natural beauty and years of character are undisputed. Take a look at the gallery below to see how I reclaimed this beam into a pedestal to rest a sculpture on. 
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