LockBox Table (Front)

New! “The LockBox Table”

Antique Lock Box Gets Legs!

by Daric Gill

There’s something really special about the look and feel of old wood and the stark contrast it has with aged metal. They seem as though they were always meant to be paired together. The organic and ever moving characters of wood are a nice contrast for the cold and visible heft that metal has.

These two materials remind us of our pasts. I bet that almost everyone reading this has experienced the whirlwind of memories or sensations when they hold an old piece of wood or metal. We are taken back to other times just by physically interacting with old relics. In my latest piece, “The Lock Box Table”, I’ve tried to tap into that same set of feelings. 

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LockBox Table (Front)
“The LockBox Table”: Reclaimed lockbox & black pipe. 26 1/2″ (tall) x 16 3/4″ (wide) x 21 1/2″ (deep). 7.10.14.

Made from an antique wooden lock box and cast iron pipes, this table fits well in my vintage industrially designed series of work. The aim is to create a body of simple design aesthetics that pay tribute to the ruggedness of industrial materials while still feeling warm and nostalgic.

As with most of my work, I’ve repurposed old objects into something that promotes an entirely new life. This process of reclaiming old goods into relevant new uses is a true passion for me.

The lock box sat in my studio for about a year before I knew exactly what to do with it, but I was willing to wait for that moment to come to me. The box has ample room to store goods with inside dimensions measuring 15″ wide, 18″, and 6″. With an overall size of 26 1/2″ (tall) x 16 3/4″ (wide) x 21 1/2″ (deep), I’ve envisioned this to be an end table or night stand. Please visit my furniture page to see more work like this.

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