Working Work Table (detail of shelf)

Newest Table Is Piped With Possibilities

The Working Work Table!

Some tables are built for working. You can hammer, make a mess, & pretend that the drink you knocked over isn’t a big deal…

… then again, some tables are actually an expensive custom-built coffee table that is slated to sell at a gallery as fine art furniture. As you can probably gather, it was for this reason precisely that I decided to make a much needed addition to my work space: “The Working Work Table”! Check out the gallery below to see the latest addition.

Working Work Table (3/4 view)
More images in the gallery below.

This table was engineered to fix more than just space issues. Like many people, I’ve often found myself tripping over power-strips and extension chords while I’m working. The best general work spaces are usually in close proximity to outlets. Needless to say, my current arrangement failed miserably in this arena.

I needed power. Organized power.

I thought, “Hey, while I’m at it — why not add some powered USB ports to charge up that always dying phone battery?” Additionally, it’s designed to be at coffee table height so that I can sit in a more comfortable chair while working. This height is also perfect for working above or around larger pieces. If/when the time comes, raising the height is as easy as replacing a short segments of the legs with long segments.

There are a few holes in the top, drilled haphazardly by whomever originally threw this table away. Instead of filling them, I decided to leave them for table-mounted clamps when necessary. Honestly… it’s a work table. Having a few holes in it probably will come in handy for holding random tools, feeding loose wires through to keep them from tangling while soldering, or simply to swipe debris through to a small trash bin below. Who knows? They’ll come in handy though.

What it’s made of:

  • Top: Reclaimed wooden table top after a good resurfacing
  • Legs: A laundry list of 3/4″ & 1/2″ purchased black pipe
  • Electrical: (1) junction box, (1) standard outlet, (1) switch, & (2) powered USB outlets/standard outlet combos. *Totals 4 standard plug outlets & 4 USB ports*
  • Shelves: (4) 5 1/2″ carriage bolts, (8) lock nuts, (2) equally rejuvenated table leaves repurposed as shelves
  • Love & elbow grease


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