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Top 4 Times People Ruined Master Artworks

Oops! I did it Again: The Follies Of Film, Falls, & Fire

by Daric Gill
We’ve all broken something valuable. Maybe it was accidentally denting your parents brand new car. Maybe it was hitting a pop fly right through a neighbor’s  window. Accidents happen — but some accidents are a little more valuable than others. Here are a few times where precious items of human civilization have been accidentally destroyed. Forever.

Remember, some pieces of art are actually meant to be played with or engaged. In that case have the best time ever! However, if you’re not supposed to touch it, don’t! This isn’t just a suggestion made by the crusty people at the mean ol’ galleries & museums. Priceless works of art are often damaged as a result of carelessness, greasy hands, and the all-too-common, “I just wanted to touch it” action. Don’t believe me?…. Read on for some stomach churning examples.


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“Absolute: Memory” Painting Completes Micro Series

RailRoads, Burial Mounds, & Paintings

by Daric Gill  

What’s your sacred place? Where do you go to contemplate?

Open FieldIf you’re at all familiar with my blog, you’ve no doubt gotten to know me a little. I’m the type of person who likes to venture out on little day-trips to get into the right mental spot. Building a little bit of happiness ‘to go’ into my workday is crucial for my creative process. Especially during the warmer seasons. The pursuit of the right materials and thinking spaces for the latest two “Absolute” paintings has taken me on a  journey that has spanned through woods, over miles of railroad tracks, into an apparently abandoned man-made prairie, and even atop of a 2,000 year old Adena Native American burial mound.  Read onward to see the whole process.

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“Absolute: Opinion” Painting Debuts

New! “Absolute : Opinion” Painting

By Daric Gill

Sketching usually comes first for me. Hours are spent drawing out different ideas and different scenarios regarding how the next pieces should look. Then I select the appropriate piece of wood from my library to use as the canvas if you will. I enjoy this process and am generally pretty good at getting out my ideas this way. Occasionally, a piece of wood will come across my table saw and I’ll know that it’s the starting point instead. This time, the wood panel came first.

After a few days of ideation and not coming up with anything, I realized that I was drawing out plenty of stellar future paintings… but I couldn’t quite figure out this piece. And you know what, that’s not a bad thing. Read on to learn why.

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7 Tips For Approaching Artwork

A Quick Guide To Viewing Artwork

Have you ever felt intimidated or lost when you look at artwork? This resource might just be for you. In this entry, I will provide a few helpful tips for the people whom find themselves saying “I don’t get it” when they walk into a gallery. This guide showcases just a few tips regarding the best way to approach any piece of artwork for the first time.

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