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“What Does It Mean?”: Beginner’s Guide to Interpreting Art

“I don’t get it. What Does It Mean?” A Beginner’s Guide to Interpreting Artwork

by Daric Gill

“monument” for V. Tatlin by Dan Flavin. 1969

You’ve always considered yourself an art lover, but there are times when you find yourself scratching your head in a desperate attempt to understand exactly what an artist was getting at.

Viewers make snap-decisions about their fondness for a piece in the first few seconds. It’s pretty unavoidable. In these moments, it’s easy to forego any further investigation into meaning once we make that decision. Liking or not liking the piece is ok. Skipping the reasons why… that’s a different story. Before gliding over the meaning of the work, the following article suggests a couple of tips that can help you approach the artwork in real-time with new mindfulness.

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Top 4 Times People Ruined Master Artworks

Oops! I did it Again: The Follies Of Film, Falls, & Fire

by Daric Gill
We’ve all broken something valuable. Maybe it was accidentally denting your parents brand new car. Maybe it was hitting a pop fly right through a neighbor’s  window. Accidents happen — but some accidents are a little more valuable than others. Here are a few times where precious items of human civilization have been accidentally destroyed. Forever.

Remember, some pieces of art are actually meant to be played with or engaged. In that case have the best time ever! However, if you’re not supposed to touch it, don’t! This isn’t just a suggestion made by the crusty people at the mean ol’ galleries & museums. Priceless works of art are often damaged as a result of carelessness, greasy hands, and the all-too-common, “I just wanted to touch it” action. Don’t believe me?…. Read on for some stomach churning examples.


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Selling Art & Separation Anxiety

Giving Up The Goods

Many artists feel a certain amount of separation anxiety when it comes to selling off their most precious work. After talking in-depth with a group of artists who feel this way, I’ve put together a list of the most common anxieties and the roots that make them so darn frustrating. If you’re that artist who wants to overcome this anxiousness, this blog is for you.

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“That’s Not Art!”–And How I Realized It Doesn’t Matter

“That’s Not Art!”–And How I Realized It Doesn’t Matter

by Daric M. Gill

“monument” for V. Tatlin by Dan Flavin. 1969

What You’re Really Trying To Say

We like to think that when we say, “That’s Not Art!” we are stating something of personal or scholarly merit; As if to say, “I know what art is… and that isn’t it.” However, that’s rarely what we are actually trying to say. The aim of this article is to help artists, musicians, writers, and the like find a mutual navigation point from which a more constructive resolution can be formed. Read onward for more. Continue reading “That’s Not Art!”–And How I Realized It Doesn’t Matter