Top 4 Times People Ruined Master Artworks

Oops! I did it Again: The Follies Of Film, Falls, & Fire

by Daric Gill
We’ve all broken something valuable. Maybe it was accidentally denting your parents brand new car. Maybe it was hitting a pop fly right through a neighbor’s  window. Accidents happen — but some accidents are a little more valuable than others. Here are a few times where precious items of human civilization have been accidentally destroyed. Forever.

Remember, some pieces of art are actually meant to be played with or engaged. In that case have the best time ever! However, if you’re not supposed to touch it, don’t! This isn’t just a suggestion made by the crusty people at the mean ol’ galleries & museums. Priceless works of art are often damaged as a result of carelessness, greasy hands, and the all-too-common, “I just wanted to touch it” action. Don’t believe me?…. Read on for some stomach churning examples.


The following is a small excerpt from a previously aired post called, 7 Tips For Approaching Art.


Cringe-worthy Art Accidents:

  1. American Tourist Snaps Finger of 600 Yr Old Italian Sculpture While Comparing Hand
  2. Woman Falls Into Picasso Work Valued At $130 Million
  3. Tracey Emin’s Work: Snagged, Backed Into, Burned, & Damaged
  4. Michelangelo’s Pietà Absolutely Mangled By Psychopathic Horseplay
Want More Amazingly Horrifying Examples? Click Here

*BONUS* …And of course, there’s always the well-intended accidental botching of the “ecce homo” fresco.

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