My Work At the AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Museum

Losing Myself In The “2 Wheel + Motor” Exhibition

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Steampunk Triumph 1
A close up view of a steampunk Triumph on display

Recently I was asked by fellow artist and vintage motorcycle motor-head, Ric Stewart,  to join the ranks of artists involved with the current international fine arts exhibit at the AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame. This exhibition, curated by Stewart, includes tremendous artists from across the globe and is presented among some of the most exquisite motorcycles I’ve ever seen.

You can find my piece, “Broken Wing Motorcycles”, on display for the following year. Read onward for more information.

Broken Wing Motorcycle
“Broken Wing Motorcycles”: Acrylic on reclaimed barn siding. 14″ 30 3/4″. 12.9.13.

You can learn more about the exhibit & other artwork here.

See the original piece of wood here.

I’ve grown up around motorcycles, but one thing is certain… I know nothing compared to the geniuses at the AMA museum. The restoration, documentation, and even the average patron seems to exude an encyclopedia-worthy understanding about all things motorcycle. While I’m certainly not a photographer, I found myself taking shot after shot of the vintage bikes. I hadn’t even made it to the art exhibition before filling up my camera’s memory card. What can I say, I’m a sucker for old British bikes.

Here are a few photos from my delightful trip through the museum’s collection. Feel free to comment if you know the year or model (especially if you own one like it).

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