Me & the cut-outs

ToeHeads At the Center Of Science And Industry Museum

COSI + ToeHeads = Perfect Match

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I remember taking field trips as a child to The Center of Science And Industry (COSI). The long bus ride seemed to take days, but we were always rewarded with a kid’s museum built for fun, tinkering, and science. Even as an adult I am in total wonder of this place. Its magical atmosphere seems almost otherworldly with creative possibilities.

I imagined a day when I was an adult and I could make such splendid futuristic things…

A COSI slime recipe I have kept for 23+ years
A real COSI super-slime recipe I have kept for 23+ years

In between undergrad  and grad school I worked for a company that painted industrial scaled murals, built sculptural storefronts, and made interactive displays for museums. It was a job that would bolster my already expanding interest in large-scale projects. We created work for COSI and other like museums. As much as I loved this type of work it wasn’t my work. It wasn’t my concepts.

I imagined a day when I was established enough that they would want  MY splendid futuristic things…

A little known fact: I’ve always liked art, but I had also planned on being a physicist. In fact, my love of science has never left me. Even in grad school I centered my masters thesis artwork around the neurological and physiological change that happens to the body when a person encounters a positive scenario. So when COSI contacted me about creating my ToeHeads for their eating space, illustrations of my own imagination, I was aware of just how full circle things have come. It’s a proud moment when one realizes that they are living their childhood dream in their childhood dreamscape.  Check out their 50 yr anniversary exhibitions! 

Who knows… maybe there’s already talk of one of my fine art sculptures also gracing COSI’s walls in the near future *wink wink*.


333 W. Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43215



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