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NEW! “Brothers” ToeHead Illustrations Roar

ToeHeads Get A Pair Of Brothers

by Daric Gill

The latest ToeHeads to come on the scene are brothers. These 2 characters are large-scale cutouts on reclaimed wood that has been salvaged from an old secretary’s desk. With freshly sanded walnut surfaces, these colorful siblings have plenty of new life to roar about. Of course, we all know that they’re not as ferocious as they might think.


GreenBrother: Acrylic on reclaimed walnut laminant. 26" x 30". 3.13.15.
GreenBrother: Acrylic on reclaimed walnut laminant. 26″ x 30″. 3.13.15.
BlueBrother: Acrylic on reclaimed walnut laminant. 26″ x 33″. 3.14.15.
Contemporary oil painting by Daric Gill

New! “Absolute: Struggle” Oil Painting

The Absolutes In Our Struggles

by Daric Gill

Pull up a stool, put a few quarters in the jukebox, and let me pour you a tall glass of soul. Today I debut my latest painting, “Absolute: Struggle”. That’s right, we’re about to get our blues on and it’s never been so blood red.

“Absolute: Struggle” ain’t your run of the mill moody-broody piece that emotes for the sake of being dark. That’s not my style. No, this piece ranks among my most pure soul-inspired paintings to date. It’s part of my deep blues repertoire. And I feel like the most potent blues aren’t merely explorations in pain, but rather a catharsis by the trumpeting of hope through tribulation. For every edge of despair there’s a modicum of pure unbridled exaltation in how one can still feel deeply.

This is one of the absolutes in our lives – that we can (and often do) have a duality of conflicting emotions that are so pervasively deep and yet so polar opposite. I set out to portray this abstract concept in this painting. Like with all blues, nobody wants to hear your song if it’s not a self-portrait of soul. So swill your spirits and scoot closer to the bar. This solo continues after the image.

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New! “Absolute: Time”

It’s About Time

Ladies & Gentlemen: I give you, “Absolute: Time”.

The aim of this piece is to explore how time can be mysterious by nature. The background tones gradient from dark at the bottom to lighter in the center of the painting. The thread fades into nothingness as it leads to nowhere. The pendulum that is created sits atop a weathered linear piece of paper, a timeline for the sway of the cherry weight. The cherry is an enticing mass, juicy and red. Continue reading for more information.

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