New! “Absolute: Time”

It’s About Time

Ladies & Gentlemen: I give you, “Absolute: Time”.

The aim of this piece is to explore how time can be mysterious by nature. The background tones gradient from dark at the bottom to lighter in the center of the painting. The thread fades into nothingness as it leads to nowhere. The pendulum that is created sits atop a weathered linear piece of paper, a timeline for the sway of the cherry weight. The cherry is an enticing mass, juicy and red. Continue reading for more information.

"Absolute: Time"
“Absolute: Time”. Oil on reclaimed walnut table top. 21″ x 21″. 1.23.14. (click for large version)
What Else Is Going On?
"Absolute: Time" (detail)
“Absolute: Time” (detail). Oil on reclaimed walnut table top. 21″ x 21″. 1.23.14.

Often times, one can overlook how important the wood grain is to the vocabulary of my work. In this particular piece, the starburst that is created by the walnut veneer also speaks to the etherial (almost nebulous) way that we perceive time. Click the image for a larger version.

"Absolute: Time" (detail sanded)
The surface was quite damaged & needed sanded off.

As you’ve probably gathered, this piece of wood is reclaimed from another source. It is the top of a vintage ‘pie crust’ end stand. In its former life, it most likely stood proud as the hub of all family communications. Past its prime and discarded for trash, I sanded off its scars and repaired its broken molding.

"Absolute: Time" (detail repair)
The molding was broken off & was in need of repairs.
Lets talk hardware
"Absolute: Time" (detail back)
Hanging hardware (click image to zoom in)

The luxury of painting on such sturdy surfaces is that I generally have a really meaty substance to attach wall hanging hardware. The obvious drawback is that the pieces can be heavier than their counter-part, the canvas. Over time, I’ve developed a hardware system that I really prefer.

  • stainless steel cable (gauge varies from piece to piece)
  • crimped cable ferrules
  • heat shrink tubing (prevents poking from stray cable fibers)
  • 3/16 flat washers
  • 10 x 3/8 combo pan sheet metal screws (zinc)
  • hung on (2) wall hangers/hooks

This process is inexpensive and in my opinion, more forgiving in some instances than other hanging devices. In addition, it’s sturdy and quite reliable. Naturally, I’m not a curator or an exhibition installer. I’m sure that someone in that profession can also attest to their favorite hanging system. For what it’s worth, this is my preferred method.

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