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"Absolute: Tie" (detail)

NEW Painting, “Absolute: Tie”

“Absolute: Tie” — Painting An Outdoor Adventure

by Daric Gill


Sketching in the woods 2



Sketching in the woods 1If you’ve ever read my blog before, you’ll know that I often find objects of inspiration while hiking through the woods and abandoned spaces. This latest painting was no different. On a beautiful fall afternoon I loaded my backpack up with drawing tools and headed off for the woods. Sitting atop a seatless picnic table, I roughed out the beginnings of what would become my next Absolute painting. Continue for full article and image gallery.

Solar Powered Soul: An Artist’s Inspirational Outing

A Sunny Disposition

I’m writing this entry from a bench in the woods. The bench, nestled in front of a finch filled thicket, is marked with a dedication plaque honoring a local scout troop. It’s sunny and I’m inspired. Well, let’s just say the woods is about as woodsy as one can hope to find less than a mile from an apartment in the city. But it’ll do. Here is a little insight into how a little sun makes for a perfect storm… the good kind.

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