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“Who’s your inspiration?”: And The Answer You Didn’t Expect

“Who’s your inspiration?”: My Ballet Of Unlikely Answers

by Daric Gill

The first question an artist is asked upon introduction is, “What type of art do you make?”. This is quickly followed up by, “Who (or what) is your inspiration?”. These are reasonable questions. After all, almost everyone knows what an artist is, but aren’t really sure what an artist does. And certainly, they don’t know where we get our ideas. Shoot… sometimes we don’t even know where they come from ourselves.

From experience I know that what I’m about to say is not the answer they are expecting:

My art and inspirations are interdisciplinary. So, by definition it’s not as easy to define. What then?

There’s always a ballet of rhetoric that I have to employ to maintain brevity but still answer with clarity. The following article offers both a brief explanation of my inspirations as well as a more in-depth description of how I get inspired. And if you’re one of those people who want to know more about your fellow artists, but aren’t sure how to start-up the conversation, hopefully, this can help.

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Solar Powered Soul: An Artist’s Inspirational Outing

A Sunny Disposition

I’m writing this entry from a bench in the woods. The bench, nestled in front of a finch filled thicket, is marked with a dedication plaque honoring a local scout troop. It’s sunny and I’m inspired. Well, let’s just say the woods is about as woodsy as one can hope to find less than a mile from an apartment in the city. But it’ll do. Here is a little insight into how a little sun makes for a perfect storm… the good kind.

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