The Pumpkin's King (neck)

NEW “The Pumpkin’s King” ToeHead On Violin: An Effort For Autism Awareness

ToeHeads, The King, & Autism Awareness

by Daric Gill

The Pumpkin's King (detail), acrylic and marker on vintage violin.
The Pumpkin’s King (detail), acrylic and marker on vintage violin.

NEW! The Pumpkin’s King is a ToeHead painted on vintage violin. The pumpkin headed Elvis riding a unicycle was purchased by The Pumpkin Pedaler Foundation, an organization that promotes autism awareness. This piece will be awarded as part of their annual fall cycling fundraiser.

“The Pumpkin Pedaler Foundation was founded to promote autism awareness, education, and research through community events in Columbus. Our goal is to engage participants in the conversation and call them to action while providing an entertaining background.”

[Register here to join the ride]

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