VIDEO: “Absolute: Graft” Part of $3 M Art Purchase Investment: Placed In Grande Glass Atrium

Columbus Convention Center Purchases Large “Absolute” Painting: Places In Marvelous Glass Atrium

By Daric Gill

Atrium View

Back in September 2015, the Greater Columbus Convention Center (GCCC) began a $125 million rejuvenation and expansion project, which includes a 37,000 sq. ft addition of exhibit space. With the majority of the renovations finished in July, 2017, it totals a whopping 336,000 sq. ft of contiguous exhibit space, making it one of the largest exhibit spaces of its kind. Also part of the expansion, the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authorities (FCCFA) has embarked on a series of pedestrian advancements. A number of covered air walks, walkways, and widened hotel corridors joins the Arena District to several blocks of the Short North Arts District. This makes the walk between events, garages, and hotels a comfortable all-weather activity. With all of this new space makes for plenty of walls to fill with artwork.

Most exciting (at least to me) is the $3 million art investment that has made the convention center and neighboring connections the largest collection of contemporary artwork in Franklin County. I’m quite grateful to be included in this permanent collection. Among the purchased artwork is “Absolute: Graft”, a 3 ft x 4 ft oil painting on maple. Read the original post about the thought process behind the artwork here. Watch how it was made and see the whole exhibit space below.

Where Greater Columbus Convention Center walkway meets the Hyatt Regency Ballroom.
Directions here.

"Absolute: Graft" (detail), oil painting on maple. 48" x 36". 2.3.16.
“Absolute: Graft”, oil painting on maple. 48″ x 36″. 2.3.16. (Click image to enlarge)




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