Schumacher Gallery Art Reception Invite

This month (Sept.) through Oct. 17th you can find 4 of my fine arts pieces at the Schumacher Gallery in Columbus, OH. The reception will be this upcoming Friday, 5:00-7:30 PM. I invite anyone in the area to come join us for an evening of great artwork, great conversation, and great fun. Details below:

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I've Lost My Arm
I’ve Lost My Arm: patinated aluminum, steel chain.

Schumacher Gallery

2199 East Main Street
Columbus, OH 43209
(614) 236-6319
Show dates: Sept. 9th- Oct. 17th, 2013

Reception date: Sept. 20, 5:00-7:30 PM

Driving instructions here. (Google maps)

Description pulled from the show’s prospectus:

Presence: A Dialogue with the Human Form

“Since the dawn of creative activity, artists have been naturally inclined to adopt the human figure as subject matter. In our contemporary times it still remains a source of inspiration and a vital tool of symbolism. Presence brings together the work of practicing artists who demonstrate that the human form has a diverse dialogue all its own. The exhibition is curated by Casey Bradley, Studio Manager and Instructor of Dimensional Studies, Columbus College of Art and Design.”

Antithesis In Black & Female Bust W/ Removable Bun
“Antithesis In Black” & “Female Bust With Removable Bun”. (at The Schumacher Gallery. Columbus, OH)

Included artists:

Sara E. Adrian
Laura Alexander
Brian Alloway
Jim Bowling
Casey Bradley
Jenny Fine
Daric Gill
Daniel Grose
John Hansen
Hiroshi Hayakawa
Amy Leibrand
Claudio Orso
Stephanie Rond
Shane Snider
Matt Tisdale
Emily-Kitturah Westenhouser
Olga Ziemska


2 thoughts on “Schumacher Gallery Art Reception Invite

  1. Hi Daric,

    Glen and I, maybe even Kristin’s grandparents, are coming down to see the exhibit. We are just trying to work out which day will be best for us all. Will let you know our firm date. Can’t wait! Marsha


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