Sketching IN the Scioto

My Roaming Office: Searching For A “Perfect View”

Greatest perk of my job… an office wherever, whenever, I want.

Today I sketched in the Scioto River. Literally. I frequent this river often for inspiration. Yet, today is the first time I’ve stumbled upon a picnic table at the bottom of a 7 ft. dirt cliff and about 5 ft. offshore. Perched securely on submerged logs and anchored to a buried steel pole, this ready-made office was definitely in the Scioto River. And on purpose. Truly, a rare gift indeed. One thing is for sure; I will be visiting this ‘office’ again!

I intend on posting smaller bite-sized entries of my journey in the future. But in the meantime, I find it only right to lead off with a full post covering the last two weeks.  I invite you all to come along in my quest to find the perfect office view. 


Sketching IN the Scioto

Today’s office: A half-submerged picnic table.

Another main goal of this blog is to give the real-life backdrop to my processes as an artist.

A call to action!
An impromptu call to action!

In some respects my occupation is quite similar to most jobs, at least in responsibilities. I have emails to reply to, meetings to attend, and deadlines to hit… just like most people. The difference is that my office-work is mobile. This is a perk that I take full advantage of. Whether it’s a coffee shop or a wooded wildlife reserve, I make sure to explore new views while I’m ‘on the clock.’

To the right: One of my favorite thinking spots. This is a junction of a railroad and a wooded park that I call, “The TreeHouse”.

Although I live in the 14th largest city in America now, I’m originally from a small farming village located in the countryside of Ohio. Nature is obviously a very important aspect of who I am and where I came from. Throughout the week I often take long rides into wooded areas and cruise along the waterways near where I live. It’s a very needed part of my thinking process. Sometimes I travel with a friend. Other times I’m alone. These moments are where I reflect the hardest about my work. I sketch, write, discuss, or simply prepare mentally for the coming week ahead.

1978 Puch Newport
My ’78 Puch Newport at the TreeHouse

Let’s talk nostalgia. I’m not the most sentimental when it comes to objects. But, I’m a dead sucker for ‘things that are made to last.’ Above photo: my 1978 Puch (said “Pook”) Newport, a Remington backpack/gunbag that I’ve carried everyday since about 19 years ago, and a leather motorcycle jacket that I’ve had for nearly a decade.

I traded an oil painting for my vintage moped.

At the 'TreeHouse': Secret Garden
At the ‘TreeHouse’: Secret Garden

The first 2 blog entries on my page and a handful of emails were written from a bench overlooking these Echinaceas and Black Eyed Susans. Such an inspirational view, don’t you think?

Woods at the TreeHouse
Strange square hole at the TreeHouse

Does anyone else see a square hole? While sketching out ideas for the next oil painting in my still life series (called the “Absolutes”) I noticed a hole that widened and constricted with the breeze. It somehow always stayed in an impeccably squared out geometry. Pretty cool I think. 

If I’m really lucky, I make friends along the way. Below: A stowaway Katydid (aka Tettigoniidae) rode the entire way home with me. I drove miles before arriving at my destination. This miracle of an insect stayed fixed on my handlebar. The body fluttered a few times in the wind, but I finally had to gently flick it off before parking in my garage.

A stowaway katydid.
A stowaway Katydid.

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