It’s Almost Time!

SnackHacks Soon

Things are about to get real!

What are ToeHeads?
What’s A ToeHead? Click here.

Over the past couple of years a team of specialists (me) here at Daric Gill Studios have been working on a top-secret endeavor that has realigned satellites and peaked interests the world over. I have poured over the different bodies of artwork that makes up DGS, in hopes to find that next big leap in quality and success. The first area to see this wave of newness is the ToeHeads brand!

The SnackHacks are the best thing to happen to the ToeHeads since they were created!

What are they?

Part food, part animals…. hacked snacks.

What to expect?

Building from the ground up, The SnackHacks are an entirely new cast of characters meant to expand the ToeHeads world into the next tier of quality and sophistication. This special signature line will span a wider range of mediums and stylistic approaches. The ToeHead’s trademark playfulness and honesty has been distilled and blended with some extra funky-freshness, creating an all new visual vocabulary that is sharper and more narrative than ever.


Client Customizable?

At the moment, no. I’ve had so much fun developing this new world that I have already drawn up hundreds of new sketches of the SnackHacks. There’s literally folders of newness flowing from my sketchbook. Each new character has been carefully crafted with personalities and corresponding friendships. This extra level of development, among other reasons, are what gives The SnackHacks their ‘signature’ status. While the ToeHeads division is still slated to be customizable, the SnackHacks division is simply bursting with worlds of possibilities that need to be indulged before considering their customizable options.

Launch Date?

Soooon….  I plan on rolling the first SnackHacks off the shelf within the week.  By the end of the first week in August you should have already been introduced to a few new characters.

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