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Big Sports, Bigger Causes: A Speakeasy Fundraiser To Fight Pediatric Cancer

Columbus Blue Jacket Foundation Buys My Art, Donates to Nationwide Children’s Hospital

by Daric Gill

Live painting at "The Crease" Speakeasy Fundraiser
Live painting at “The Crease” Speakeasy Fundraiser

It’s a big weekend here in Columbus, OH. The NHL All-Star Game has come to town and Columbus is a willing host. With a trucked in 34-foot tall, 85-foot wide snow slide that is as fun as it sounds, national news coverage, and high society events planned for each night, it’s easy to see how the city is abuzz with high impact energy. The 8-10,000 out-of-towners estimated to trickle in over the weekend will have their fill of sports, events, and most importantly charitable benefits. I had the pleasure of participating at such an event Thursday night on behalf of the Columbus Blue Jacket Foundation to fight pediatric cancer.

"Me & The Zamboni", Acrylic and marker on aspen, 34" x 22 1/2, 1.22.15.
“Me & The Zamboni”, Acrylic and marker on aspen, 34″ x 22 1/2, 1.22.15.

The first thought that comes to mind when you hear NHL isn’t probably “cancer fighters”. However, the Columbus Blue Jacket Foundation has worked tirelessly to challenge this notion. Thursday night’s “The Crease” Speakeasy reportedly brought in over $600,000+ in aid. In addition, they teamed up with Nationwide Children’s Hospital for further impact. This included the purchase of one of my ToeHead illustration (painted live at the benefit) which will then be donated to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital as part of the atmosphere in their Family Resource Center. Please read on for more details and a slight tell-all about how this hits home for me.

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