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NEW “Absolute: Connection” Painting Points to Our Shared Bonds

“Absolute: Connection” Points to Our Shared Bonds

by Daric Gill

{Feature Video of Painting Process Above}

“Absolute: Connection”: Oil paint on beech wood. 16” x 8”. 8.7.19.

Three round elements of color sit behind a central twig. These circles are positioned where a weathered branch and the background meet. The largest circle is a slightly translucent shade of cool white. A smaller pale green circle marks the point of contact for the smaller chute of the twig. Grounding the longer section of the twig is a slightly smaller, yet more chromatic blue circle. A faint white ring sits just outside the blue hue. The twig is frozen in a timeless bend, casting a stark ‘S’ shaped shadow to the right. The circles all have a unique quality, sharing in visual dominance. Their controlled geometry complement the organic twist of the twig. As the stick gets thinner, a green tint takes over the wood, indicative of tiny living fungi. Growth and deterioration, symmetry and off-axis, connections and extensions– each part of the visual language in Absolute: Connection. Read on below for the full article and image gallery.

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