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A Guide For Improving Productivity For the Social Artist

The Positives (& Pitfalls) Of The Social Artist

by Daric Gill

Urban Scrawl OpeningAn artist’s occupation can be full of socialization. Art openings, studio gatherings, or normal artist meet-ups have plenty to offer an artist if they are so inclined. Congregating with other like-minded people can aid in idea making, business propositions, and escape the general studio (or day-job) rut. Most see it as a necessity to stay relevant in the quickly changing world of art. But it can also hold a large base of distraction if one isn’t careful. In this article, I’ll discuss the merits of the social artist as well as the inhibitors that can sometimes lead to more procrastination than a primer.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with simply having a good time with friends. This article is aimed at the artist who is looking to be more social or is interested in getting a little more from their social exuberance.

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