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"Absolute: Radiance" (detail)

Hidden Secrets In The “Absolute: Radiance” Painting

Darkness & Light, “Absolute: Radiance”

by Daric Gill

After a delightfully busy week of studio work and paneling an art festival, I’m continuing the process of re-documenting my collection.

"Absolute: Radiance" (detail)
“Absolute: Radiance” (detail), Oil on reclaimed quilted walnut. 11 3/8″ x 8 1/2″. 6.14.13

It’s not the biggest or the smallest piece in this series. It doesn’t hold the most humor or even seem as conspicuous as some other pieces in this series. But this piece holds a lot of information for portraying so little. It’s the sometimes less is more analogy. There’s also a lot of hidden secrets in this piece. Painted on quilted black walnut, even its fairly small dimensions are a sneaky deception. Absolute: Radiance weighs as much as a piece 3 times its size due to its thick cross section. The security code usually stamped on the back is hidden on the side wall of the wood. Even the materials it is made of has a literal and figurative duality.

This painting depicts a bent nail resting on a vein of halo’d metallic gold paint. This effervescent vein follows the grain pattern of the wood and changes sheen based on where the viewer stands. As you have read, there’s some interesting aspects of this piece’s process that makes for some cool behind the scenes information. 

The real nail used as subject matter is still IN the piece… after it was liquified and used to dye the frame.

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