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Eliminating Excuses From Your Studio Workflow

Eliminating Excuses From Your Studio Workflow

by Daric Gill

Building the truss

So you’ve binge-watched another series from start to finish instead of applying to that exhibition call. You played “just one more level” on your favorite video game until there’s no more to play. You’ve told yourself that “Once the kid’s soccer season is over, I’ll really set aside some time for my art.” Once you finally sit down to work, you don’t know what to make. Maybe hitting up Pinterest one more time might help. After going down that rabbit hole, you look at your clock and it’s too late. You’re tired… tomorrow you’ll do it. You mean it this time.

Are you this person? If you’re having a hard time finding your way into the studio, this article is for you. In it, I’ll map out a few helpful tips to help you eliminate the excuses from your studio workflow. Read on for more.

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Reversing The Starving Artist Paradox: Why Constructive Language Matters

Reversing The Starving Artist Paradox: Why Constructive Language Matters

by Daric Gill

We use the term “starving artist” as a playful descriptor for the career, a cheeky marketing ploy for arts events, and even in catchy brand names for arts-related businesses. Its influences are so ubiquitous that we often fail to see the phrase for exactly what it is, a harmful title that doesn’t actually jive with how we see creativity in today’s world. In this article, I will make the case that this little idea is at best a self-fulfilling goal, and at worse one of the most damaging outdated paradoxes one can wear as an artist. Read on for more.

“I Haven’t Made Art In A While”: Getting Your Art Groove Back

“I Haven’t Made Art In A While”: Getting Your Art Groove Back

by Daric Gill


“I’d love to get back in the studio, but I haven’t really made anything for a while.”

Say no more. I’ve got your number. Here’s some help. In this article, you’ll find a few remedies to help you get back into the groove.


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Absolute Promise (side detail) ***SOLD***

5 Tips For Building Your Creative Tool Belt

5 Tips For Building Your Creative Tool Belt

by Daric Gill

Recently, I spoke on this topic to the Columbus chapter of ILEA  (International Live Event Association). After hearing some positive feedback from the attendees, I was asked to post an article going over some of the information so they could share it with their other creative friends. While I’ve covered one of these tips on “Blowing Through Artist Block”, I have yet to post the remaining 4 tips I covered the other day. So here it goes…

Creativity isn’t just a personality trait. It’s a skill set that can be engineered and redesigned to help in all areas of your life. Much like math skills or literary skills, creativity can be a tool belt for unique ways of problem solving!

Read On For The 5 Tips

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