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Tips For Writing A Better Artist Bio

Writing A Better Artist Bio

by Daric Gill

Composition NotebookThere are a couple pieces of writing that can greatly enhance an artist’s professional utility belt. Among those are the artist statement and artist biography. In this article, I’ll outline what makes a better artist bio and give several examples of what to avoid. This is a companion article to, “Writing An Effective Artist Statement”, which I feel is also a good resource to check out.  Read onward for more.


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Composition Notebook

Tips For Writing An Effective Artist Statement

Writing An Effective Artist Statement

by Daric Gill

An artist statement is an essential tool in the art world. But what exactly should you include or leave out? In this article, I’ll demystify the writing process so you can build an effective artist statement.

This is the companion article to “Tips For Writing A Better Artist Bio”.  I encourage you to also breeze by that article if you’d like some additional pointers. Read onward for some tips for writing an effective artist statement.

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Advice For Approaching Galleries

Advice For Approaching Galleries

by Daric Gill

One of the more challenging steps for the professional artist’s career is securing a gallery–if that is your route. This delicate process can be competitive for emerging artists as well as established ones. In this article, I’ll share some commonly suggested practices in addition to some of the pitfalls that one should avoid.

This is the companion article to, “Choosing The Right Gallery: An Explanation of Gallery Types”.  I encourage you to first read that article before you dive head first into approaching a gallery. Take the time to acquaint yourself with some points of interest (both good and bad) regarding the major gallery types. Also included is an infographic that visually explains the relationship between the artist and gallery types. Read onward for more information.

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