fine artwork by Daric Gill

“Absolute: Allegory”, A Modern Fairy Tale

“Absolute: Allegory”, A Modern Fairy Tale

by Daric Gill

fine artwork by Daric Gill
“Absolute: Allegory”, Oil paint on reclaimed wood panel. 21 1/2” x 16 1/4”. 1.9.22.

“Absolute: Allegory” is a visual poem; a softly lit bedtime story of the sun and moon, a meandering journey, an example of the importance of life beyond the current moment. A sprig of crimson winter berries hovers to the right of a 2-pronged branch. The left side of the stick weaves through the circular voids in the pastel background. Subdued yellow and blue geometry hint at the celestial themes of this piece. They are purposeful nods to the interplay between crescent and full moons, an eclipse and the full sun, and daylight and nighttime views through an arched window. Like most of the work in this series, this painting is a story within a story. Read on for more.

Like the name suggests, this painting is an allegory. It is a tale told through visual symbols. In one way, this painting is the vehicle for a primary theme—a way of presenting a mood and feelings through nature, colors, and geometry. There’s also the secondary story—the tenor—a collection of metaphors. Look closely at the muted yellows and you’ll see both the interplay between day and night as well as a hidden question mark. A branch literally weaves in between the layers, a symbol for a meandering path. Vibrant crimson berries act as both a possibility of sustenance and potential for poison. Like the true origin of fairy tales, this allegory is a soft and sweet story that makes you mindful of darkness. It is Hansel and Gretal or Rumpelstiltskin or any of the other historically dichotomous tales, as told by the original storytellers.

2 thoughts on ““Absolute: Allegory”, A Modern Fairy Tale

  1. Even be4 I read the ‘words’ of yr Fairy Tale feeling it was of the sun n moon meeting.. then when I read yr description- it made me even more aware.. thank u for sharing.


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