International Art Market Magazine Features My Robotic Art (Issue #58)

International Art Market Magazine Features My Robotic Art (Issue #58)

By Daric Gill

International Art Market Magazine has just released Issue #58 & I’m incredibly honored to be featured in this month’s edition. Four of my interactive robotic sculptures have been selected for publication. Based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, “Art Market Magazine is known for its quality publication, bringing the readers a deeper focus on auctions, art fairs and exhibitions from all over the world, article and exclusive interviews with emerging and most known artists in the world today, including Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, Yayoi Kusama, Antony Micallef, Banksy, Andrew Salgado and many more.” Click here to see my section or here to purchase the full edition of the magazine.

Click image to see my section

Among the included work is “The Circadian Machine”, my latest interactive light + sound sculpture. At the time of this post, it will be finishing the final week on display at the Columbus Museum of Art. “The Circadian Machine” is a fully mirrored geometric pod that can sense motion, displays undulating lights and sound, tells time, and alter its actions based on each day’s sunlight cycle.

I’ve set out to make my work virtual for a few years now. For full articles discussing the meaning & process for each piece, check out the links or videos below:
“The Circadian Machine”
“The Imagination Machine”
“The Shy Machine”
“The Living Orb” version 2
“The Living Orb” version 1

The Circadian Machine
The Imagination Machine
The Shy Machine
The Living Orb (Version 2)

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