Track Your Art Submissions With This FREE Worksheet

Track Your Art Submissions With This FREE Worksheet

by Daric Gill

Applying to exhibition opportunities and grants are commonplace for the artist. Whether these applications are for a booth at an art festival or a solo show at a museum, there’s a real need to track your progress. If you haven’t found a system that works for you or you are just beginning to organize your submissions, this article is for you. The following write-up will describe who might benefit from this type of system and how to use it.

Download Art Submissions Template Here

Who Is This For?
This system is best for artists who submit to multiple venues and/or grants and want to keep track of the important information for later reference. Things like dates, fees, contacts, artwork submitted, etc. can be hard to recall off the top of the head. Email confirmations can get lost in the sea of inbox notifications. I’ve found it’s far easier to keep things updated in one place.

Below are descriptions of each section of the document. I created this in Numbers and exported it for Excel. The top row is a brief description, the second row is an example. Remember, you can always delete or add columns to suit your specific use.


Artist Submission 1Yes, No, Check Back: Check the appropriate box, type “TRUE”, or color cell to signify if your work was accepted, if it wasn’t, or if you need to check back.


Date Sent: Date you sent out the submission or proposal.

Exhibition Space or Grant: Name of the exhibition space or grant to which you are submitting. This could be a museum, gallery, festival, project proposal, or grant.

State, Country, or Online: Fill in the appropriate location or online site where the work will be featured.


Email or Website: List online service, email, or website through which you applied.

Cost: If there was a submission fee, how much was it?

Paid With: How did you pay? Online Credit card, PayPal, cash, check?


Items Submitted: List the items or proposed project you submitted. The title of each piece or series of work is fine.


Deadline Date: When is the deadline?

Notifications Date: Date notifications are sent out.


Other Info: Any other information. Confirmation numbers, drop off dates, contact names, or other important info you may forget easily.

Some additional category suggestions may include a section for the name(s) of the juror(s); and also the type of exhibition: group invite/juried; member-only, specific media, etc.


You can find more free articles like this on my Artist Resource page. My mission is to provide free and accessible tools for artists, educators, and enthusiasts. I encourage you to share and refer people here as often as you wish. Naturally, these articles take many hours to thoroughly research and write. If you’d like to support me as an artist and advocate, please consider donating whatever you can. Thank you!



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