Awarded Supply Grant For Improving Sharable Content

Awarded Artist in the Community Supply Grant, Goes To Improving Sharable Content

by Daric Gill

“Absolute: Position”, (detail). Oil paint on reclaimed mahogany pie crust table top. 25 1/2” x 25 1/2”. 8.9.16.
“Absolute: Position”, (detail). Oil paint on reclaimed mahogany pie crust table top. 25 1/2” x 25 1/2”. 8.9.16.

This grant will go towards a more versatile time-lapse camera and accessories to be used towards the documentation and educational purposes of the solo exhibition and additionally throughout all of my future art-making.

For several years I’ve documented my process and shared it with the world. With a solo exhibition coming up in January, I’m in need of an upgrade in equipment. The $495 supply grant will purchase equipment for better documentation of my art-making process, personal reference, accessible educational examples, and more immersive storytelling. Keep an eye out for new process videos coming soon!

The Arts Council receives its funding primarily through the City of Columbus’ Hotel/Motel Bed tax. As Columbus encourages people into her city through interesting culture and attractions, a portion of the taxes garnered from the hospitality gets cycled back into that same rich culture. In this way, I’d like to thank the public most of all for your continued interest in Columbus and the arts.



Special Thanks to Greater Columbus Arts Council:
-Tom Katzenmeyer, President and CEO
-Alison Barret, Grants & Services Director, Organizations
-Keya Crenshaw, Grants & Services Coordinator, Artists
-Jami Goldstein, VP of Marketing, Communications and Events

– Mayor Andrew Ginther
-Councilmember Zach Klein, President
– Councilmember Priscilla R. Tyson, President Pro Tempore
– Councilmember Mitchell J. Brown
– Councilmember Elizabeth C. Brown
– Councilmember Shannon Hardin
– Councilmember Jaiza Page
– Councilmember Michael Stinziano

2 thoughts on “Awarded Supply Grant For Improving Sharable Content

  1. I look forward to seeing your project plus the time lapse camera. Natalia Sanchez’s work at the Cultural Arts Center may be on interest to you. Congrats!

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