"Absolute: Insulation" (detail), Oil paint on reclaimed cherry wood. 12 3/4” x 15 5/8”. 12.13.16.

VIDEO: The Making Of “Absolute: Insulation” Oil Painting On Cherry

Newest Painting “Absolute: Insulation”

By Daric Gill

Introducing my latest painting, Absolute: Insulation, an oil painting on reclaimed cherry wood.

A leafless branch is vignetted in the center of the undulating patterns of the wood below. The top half of the branch, sheathed in a coating of white, reaches outward and upward. The base of the branch fades into the background wood. Look close enough and you can see dried remnants of moss on the twig. A deep red-brown color envelopes around the center; its rich color coursing through the wavy cherry wood grain.  Read more below…

[Process Video & Full Image Gallery Below Article]


Seasonally sparse, the Green Hawthorn twig bares no berries and no thorns (as is its normal winter outfit). The white coating of paint that is traditionally intended to ward off potential dangers to the trunks of saplings, now coats the tips of the branch rather than the base. The composition is asymmetrically balanced. Small growths stretch to one side while the bend of the branch leans to the other. The fade at the bottom finds itself dissolving into a flat gradient instead of maintaining a dimensional look. These small little visual metaphors serve as elements of meaning throughout the piece.

Absolute: Insulation (frame detail)Like most of my paintings, the frame is also handmade. Made from similar cherry wood, the frame has pairs of walnut splines in the corners that serve as structural reinforcement and as accented design elements. The dark color of the splines tie back to the base of the branch.


Click on an image below to see it up close

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