Ohio Arts Council Celebrates Artists Selected In Governor’s Office Loan Program

Artwork Loan Program Visitation

by Daric Gill

OAC-Gov-officesLast summer I announced that two of my paintings had been selected as part of Ohio Arts Council loan program at the 32 story Verne Riffe Center for Government & The Arts. As part of the 2015-2017 Ohio Governor’s Office and Residence Loan Program, all selected artwork has been carefully chosen by the Ohio Arts Council and will be on extended loan for 2 years at either the Governor’s Office or his residence. Recently, I was invited to an afternoon celebration thrown for the artists chosen for this award. After the swanky gathering at the Governor’s Mansion (full of represented art as well), artist were invited to tour the art on loan at the Riffe Center. My pieces are located in a sitting area within the offices.

“Since 1985 the OAC has assisted in placing artwork by Ohio artists and from the collections of Ohio museums and cultural institutions in the Governor’s Residence and throughout the Governor’s offices.” – OAC

Selected Artwork

Absolute: Time  & Absolute: Division

Click on either title above to see additional links regarding the artwork. Feel free to check out the links to see the making-of and museums these pieces have been exhibited. Clicking on the images below will allow for a detailed view.

"Absolute: Time"
“Absolute: Time”. Oil on reclaimed walnut table top. 21″ x 21″. 1.23.14.


Absolute: Division
Absolute: Division: Oil on reclaimed cherry in an 1800’s Victorian molded frame. 14″ x 12″. 3.8.13.

4 thoughts on “Ohio Arts Council Celebrates Artists Selected In Governor’s Office Loan Program

  1. Congratulations on the extended time for your work to be seen…. looks like you deserved to be invited to the “swaky” gathering.


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