Absolute: Force (frame detail)

Framing Out An Early Piece

New Frame For Early Piece

by Daric Gill


Absolute: Force
Absolute: Force. Oil on reclaimed red oak. 28 1/4″ x 6 7/8″. 2.29.12.

I commonly experiment with presentation, especially during the infancy stages of a body of artwork. When I made this painting in 2012 I had really liked the idea of showcasing the raw material that I use as backgrounds. For this reason, I felt that it was important to leave the piece in its raw plank shape and forego a frame altogether. Thirty or so paintings later I’ve found that it may have worked at the time, but now the un-framed edges don’t quite fit in with the rest of the series.

This is a great example of how time and perspective can really inform past decisions and hopefully pave the way for new ones. I’ve framed out this piece in a way that is fitting for the cannon of other  “Absolute” paintings and I’m quite happy with the results. Take a look at its new digs.


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