MAKE: Magazine Covers “The Living Orb”

A MAKE: Magazine Writeup

by Daric Gill

Today will be a short but exciting entry! I’m ecstatic to announce that MAKE: magazine has written an online article covering my latest kinetic light sculpture, “The Living Orb”. If you’re not familiar with the magazine, it’s a quarterly periodical and online leader of the maker movement. They are an amazing source for project tutorials, art & design blogs, electronics reviews, skill-building, and the fantastic projects & imaginations of interesting people across the globe.

[Go to article HERE]


Make Screenshot
Click the image to read their article


It’s a true honor to be acknowledged by MAKE:. A special thanks goes to contributing writer, Jeremy Cook who also happens to be a skilled engineer/maker. You can give him some online love at his website, or follow him on Twitter.

Want to see how “The Living Orb” was made? Follow the build process from start to finish here.

4 thoughts on “MAKE: Magazine Covers “The Living Orb”

  1. Congratulations Daric on being featured in MAKE. I agree with Bill it is a huge compliment to your creative process. Good for you. So were do I have to go in Columbus to see it?

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  2. Wow! This is a huge compliment to your art! I’ve been a subscriber to MAKE magazine for years and they focus on innovators that add to the creativity in their respective areas of interest. Congratulations!

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