"Absolute Power" (frame detail)

Detailing “Absolute: Power” Painting

Adding More Updated Images To the Collection

by Daric Gill

"Absolute Power"
“Absolute Power”, oil on reclaimed red oak. 6 1/2″ x 9 5/8″. 6.4.11.

In spirit of my latest few blogs, I’m going through past work and updating my images to show more of the details within my collection. Today’s post centers around one of the earlier Absolute paintings. The lighting of the painting is such that the wood grain drastically changes under the power of light that hits it. Higher powered light makes for a more dynamic transition between grains (as you can see from the images below). Made in 2011, Absolute: Power has a copper serial number that only appears in the first handful of this series. The frame is made from the same vintage barn wood as the painting and is indeed in the exact condition it was initially found in. The painting surface has been sanded to show the warmth of the wood without going so deep as to eliminate the deep rich colors that are a result of many years of aged character.

Image Gallery Below

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