The Schnormeier Gallery Opening

“Absolutes & Complements” Opening

This past Friday marked the opening reception of the largest collection of “Absolute” paintings ever exhibited in one space. A tremendous thanks goes out to the friendly people at the gallery and to the guests that graced the reception. 

After the crowd dissipates, the hors d oeuvres have been picked through, the art thought about, and there are no more hands to shake, what’s left is a quiet space with all of an artist’s hard work on display. As the gallery attends to the cleanup, I like to walk around and photograph the show. It’s a quiet moment of reflection. It is a sacred moment for me. Here are some of the pictures that I captured during that time. 


The Schnormeier Gallery/Buchwald Center is a tremendous space with two massive exhibition spaces. You can find photos of the reception posted to the gallery Facebook page located here. Sharing the center with me is the fantastic Craig Hill. Please navigate to his page as well. 

3 thoughts on “The Schnormeier Gallery Opening

  1. Hello Daric,
    By happenstance I walked into the Schnormeier Gallery to see my neighbor’s art and was pleasantly surprised to see your name up on the wall also. I recalled your senior thesis and enjoyed seeing where you have taken your art. Congratulations on a beautiful show!
    -Ericka (Boehmer) Traven


    1. Ericka! So nice to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words. It’s funny that you remembered my senior thesis. In fact, I actually haven’t painted in that style for several years (until this suite of work). I see that you have a blog too. I look forward to checking it out and learning what you’ve been up to lately! I’d love to catch up with you.


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